Healixa Health Care

Our mission is to heal and ease the burden of accessing healthcare through innovative technological solutions and services that benefit all stakeholders, patients, pharmacies and providers.

Our team of experts have created a digital connection to a complete care ecosystem that unites health tech and fintech, enhancing and empowering users to manage their care through a single digital source of truth.

Our healthcare ecosystem offers more access, more providers, more lives, more services, more products.

Patient Benefits:
  • Patient Access
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Treatment Adherence
  • Patient Monitoring
Provider Benefits:
  • Provider Consultation and CaaS (Care as a Service)
Pharmacy Benefits:
  • Prescription Processing
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Patient Education
Logistical Benefits:
  • Prescription and Delivery
  • E-Wallet

Virtual Care App

See a doctor over the phone in minutes. E-prescriptions and analytics provided in real time.

Patient Monitoring

A quick digital scan of the patient’s face will give a provider crucial medical data to help guide sound clinical decision-making during any consultation.

Digital Pharmacy

Patients will be able to monitor and track their medications, refills, and schedule prescription deliveries.

Access and E-Wallet

Our unified platform, built to win, allows people to find, apply and receive government aid in a matter of days.

Technology that transforms the way we experience care.

Come build the future with us

The Healixa Solution